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Guys! I got a pell grant covering my tuition!! That’s one less loan I have to take out! 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

I think a free $2,500 is big enough to be the change! The change in my luck is finally here!! 🍀🍀

next a job! Then general stress recovery and hopefully setting new goals in my life


Peter McFarlane

Dora Maar, The Years Lie in Wait for You, 1936  [+]

The portrait, this time without cobweb, accompanied the poem Extase in which Éluard praises and mourns his wife: Je suis devant ce paysage fémininComme un enfant devant le feu […]
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from SIP

Marcel Duchamp, Yvonne and Magdeleine Torn in Tatters 1911

Illustration from Nehemiah Grew’s The Anatomy of Plants, 1680
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Hyman Bloom, Law of the Fishes 1956

Jacques Hérold, Fragment de Liberté 1942

Mikhail Matyushin (1861-1934)
Non Objectivity Crystallization in Space 1915-17